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Renice A. Stewart

Hello and Welcome!

As a writer of adventure thrillers and horror novels, I am always adding scenarios to people's lives as I 'people gaze.' I didn't start out to be a horror writer but it evolved naturally from the setting I put my characters in. I do love thrillers, however. Although I'm still working on the sequel to Dark Stranger, I am also simultaneously writing a story based on my own experiences with a 'haunted' house and my time volunteering as a crisis line advocate.

Please feel free to explore my site and leave me comments. And, don't forget to join the Club- I've got lots of good things in store.

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Dark Stranger
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What WRITER'S DIGEST has to say:
"DARK STRANGER is exemplary in its structure, organization, and pacing."

"The fast pace, incredible detail, and thrilling storyline will captivate readers from page one. A fantastic debut novel."

"DARK STRANGER is exemplary in character appeal and development. All main characters (including antagonists) are unique and fully-fleshed out with compelling, layered motivations and traits. Secondary characters are unique and have a meaningful purpose."

Ian Stonebridge wakes up face down on the Princeton library floor next to the ead body of his friend Professor Simon Churchill. He knows he sometimes yields to an uncontrollable rage. His explosive outbursts are followed by short blackout periods, but never, ever, has he killed anyone.

Terrified that this time he killed the professor, he flees to a university-sponsored archeological dig in Bhutan—the same destination Professor Churchill had warned him about over and over. There, he joins eight other members of the expedition to trek high up into the Himalayas to the Golden Retreat.
In Bhutan, Ian becomes obsessed with Tiger’s Nest monastery —something is pulling him toward it both physically and spiritually. It’s not long before he learns the principles he acquired from his first trip to Bhutan have nothing to do with the vile ambition he now faces. He is stalked by a dark, unscrupulous monk who murders to feed his master’s mania.
Ian and friends have unknowingly penetrated the sinister world of a corrupt abbot, who covets power and notability by mistakenly believing he can become the next Dalai Lama through slayings carried out by his loyal minion. If allowed to continue, the abbot’s obsession will unleash a dire malignancy upon the world. Ian and friends vow to aid the members of a covert monastic society to rid the world of this immoral, rapacious monk. However, they are not willing to become the assassins the society demands.

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